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Meet the owner

Tobi Kundid's desire for community and staying true to the classical roots of yoga led her to open Tovami Yoga Studio in Mamaroneck in January 2016. With a Master’s in Science, she brings 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, including practicing and teaching yoga in Colorado, New Paltz, Seattle and New York City. Recognized for her dynamic, sound and approachable manner, Tobi teaches a powerful and heartfelt practice that combines creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration.

Whether you're interested in the physical or mental benefits, you've come to the right place. Everyone has different life goals and priorities. We maintain an open and inclusive environment in our classes. We respect each individual's personal journey and are here to guide you every step of the way.

Allison Kern Adler
Allison has a special interest in teaching yoga to students looking to release chronic tension through slower asana, breathe awareness, guided imagery, meditation and deep relaxation.
Carl Vreeland
Students look forward to and greatly benefit from Carl’s blend of Vinyasa and Hatha, as well as enjoy experiencing his well thought-out music playlists.
Caroline Martinez-Zuber
Caroline's teaching is infused with her fascination of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her classes are challenging yet organic honoring every person by teacher them greater awareness of themselves
Danielle Radulski
Rooted in the belief that we are ALL always students, Danielle’s love for her practice, students and passion shines through her classes, conversations and interactions.
Darcy Bowman
Whether Darcy is teaching hatha or restorative yoga, she leads with an inquiry based approach that empowers students.
Deborah Gorman
Deborah fully understands that each day is miraculous and each movement a precious gift. Her teaching lifts her students in a gentle embrace.
Dee Yergo
Dee's commitment to the practice of yoga and meditation have proven to be incredibly effective in shifting the way she looked at the world. Feeling grounded and strong, she has felt compelled to dedicate her life to helping others .
Denise Mathieson
Denise leads her classes from the heart, in the hope that she can too lead someone to fall in love with Yoga, as her teacher did for her.
Franklin Shire
His focus is a philosophy that yoga is for every body, and an emphasis on breath awareness and body awareness without judgement, simply noticing
Judi Checo
Judi teaches in NYC and Westchester and her public classes often work with asana themes which are explored through breath, intention, lines of energy and effort and ease.
Julie Coulter
Eternally a “yogi in transition”, Julie is grateful to now be able to share yoga with others, and to have some fun teaching it too.
Karin Reetz
Karin believes Sound Healing is a natural adjunct to the art of yoga through the vibratory frequencies that promote stress and pain reduction, relaxation, well being, and much more.
Katarina Suda
Never stop learning! Kat loves to share the confidence, inspiration, peace, and joy yoga can give, even if it's just for a little while.
Lissa Palermo
Lissa's classes are alignment based, challenging, and playful to empower space to create peace, strength & harmony from within.
Liz Carr
Liz promotes a healing aspect within her classes, adding a sense of humor, too and hopes to encourage and inspire all ages, shapes, sizes and levels.
Liz Sutton
Yoga and meditation changed Liz's life and she is passionate about sharing that with others
Megan Williams
Megan believes that the body and the mind are not separate entities, and thorough exploration of our whole selves we can be more alert, powerful and engaged in the world.
Michelle Ganpat
Michelle is passionate about the healing benefits of yoga mentally, spiritually and physically. She is exited to share, teach and learn from all of her students.
Patty Broderick
Patty enjoys creating a warm and welcoming environment in her class, while leaving students feeling strengthened mentally, emotionally and physically.
Patty Schneider
Patty's firmly believes that the practice of yoga heals on many levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - and that yoga is beneficial for all.
Regina Arabia
Regina invites the students to emerge themselves in yogic explorations for growth and expansion.
Sara Santora
Sara encourages students to dig deep to make self discoveries both physically and spiritually
Shari Lieberman-Balaish
Shari believes yoga is an integral part of life and that it “provides endless possibility for building strength and finding peace.”
Stephanie Gould
Stephanie combine a gentle flow with precise alignment and focus on breath. She incorporates methodology to nurture a mind body connection.
Susan Fried
Sue has married her love for kids with her love of yoga. The joy and inspiration she finds teaching yoga to kids is endless.
Tobi Kundid
Owner and Director of Tovami Yoga Studio. Tobi's style is inclusive and intuitive. Her classes incorporate attainable steps and she loves to watch her students grow.
Yukki Hiramo
Yuuki wishes to educate and create an environment of inquiry, healing and growth for his students

Meet the location

A warm and beautiful space with harbor views and lots of sun. ....

If I could learn one thing each day, it would be how to love myself and others more fully. With yoga, we will all meet there.

Tovami means community - the name can't be found in a dictionary, nor does it have a country of origin but has been created as a community, one letter, one idea, one person at a time. Like our community is unique. Like Yoga is special. The focus for us is on building this beautiful yoga community like Tovami as an ancient art in a new location.

more than just pretzel poses
What comes to mind when you think of yoga? People in outwardly impossible, perhaps wonky and pretzel-like physical postures? Well, you may be right.

But true yoga is so much more than just the asanas (postures) we mold our bodies into.

Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, yoga means “to unite” or “integrate”, often translated as “yoke”. A 5000-year-old practice from India, this peaceful art is rooted in the practice of uniting the body and mind through breathing techniques, asanas and meditation. In this practice are a multitude of health benefits, including reduced anxiety, improved sleep, increased muscle tone and enhanced heart health.

inhale, exhale
Classes at Tovami Yoga are infused with the most fundamental forms of yoga where we uphold the authentic practice of this beautiful art form while respecting its ancient roots. Our classes are carefully designed to extend beyond the physical aspects, to nurture genuine internal inspiration through an integrated mind-body-breath experience.